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Bright Information Systems is the one of the leading ERP Software Services in Qatar. BIS firmly place technology edge, scalability, reliability, performance and security as the foundation for every solution or service that company provides. And thus, BIS has been consistently rated as one of the leaders in the industry development.

Implementing ERP in your business

Before undertaking an ERP implementation, it's critical to understand what the needs (and pain points) of your business are, and how a proposed solution will help you address them. Successfully integrating a new ERP plan is not an easy task. Many companies struggle to find a balance between real-time and batch integration and external and internal ERP systems. Enterprise resource planning is a complex challenge and there are many points to consider before launching a new strategy.





Technical support

ERP Consultation

Whether your business need is merely to modify the user interface, develop a custom program or an entire module, or create a link to a third party product, our ERP consultant team will work with you to document and deliver your requirement.

  • Understand how your company’s key processes align with the company strategy.
  • Analyze business processes to learn how each process is being enabled by your current system.

BIS ERP consultants team have extensive expertise implementing ERP solutions in many industries, including solution, professional services, wholesale distribution, retail, financial services and manufacturing. Depending on your company size, budget and resources, BIS has an implementation approach that's right for you.

  • Assists customers in maximising their investment in BRIGHT ERP solution on an on-going basis by way of product demonstrations and consultancy service
  • Assists with personalisation or implementations of certain features or modules in our ERP Systems
  • Provides product training to customers

ERP Implementation

When you have the best product in town, it’s natural to expect the best results. And yet, that’s often not what happens. Instead, end-users are often stuck with systems that are far too sophisticated for them.

At BIS, we ensure that rolling out of our ERP is followed up by adequate training, support for managing data and integrating with other products. BIS also offers several value additions to the product, so as to cater to evolving needs. Our ERP consultants have rich domain experience and are from diverse industry segments. They can easily visualize the business and work with you to identify opportunities that create real business value.

Implementation services from BIS includes:

  • Roll-out of ERP solution
  • Change Management
  • End-user process Manual Preparation and Training
  • Data Management / Conversion Support
  • Refresher / recurrent training for users and local support staff to ensure optimal use and best practices operation of the systems
  • Process Improvement initiatives

ERP Training

For the solution to deliver on its value, end users must develop the skills and knowledge on how to use it effectively. We provide training with our ERP Systems to our customers. This helps you to understand the product better, besides effectively monitoring the implementation and post go-live processes.

Services and deliverables include:

  • On-site & remote classroom training
  • eLearning resources
  • User conferences
  • Technical & end user reference guides

ERP Customization

BIS recognize that your company's uniqueness is its competitive edge and that there is no perfect single industry or vertical solution. BIS offers a range of ERP solution packages to suit your unique requirements. After selecting the most appropriate solution, we help you customize the solution as necessary, including personalizing screens and reports, developing add-on programs and integrating with your existing systems.

BIS dedicated solution development team are highly professional and well trained. This helps you right from the beginning in streamlining your operations, selecting a solution package that best suits your needs and extracting maximum business advantages from your technological investment.

Services and deliverables include:

  • Forms customization
  • Reports customization
  • Add-on programs development
  • Third-party systems integration

ERP Technical support

Ensuring that you have a reliable support service when you need it is a key element of our support service offering. We offer a number of services to help you make the most of your ERP investment. You can select product and technical support via phone, email, remote as well as onsite support. Training and consultation can be on an as-needed fee for service basis or we can tailor a support program specifically for your organisation on a committed contract basis.

Technical support services include:

  • TeamViewer support
  • Helpdesk support
  • On-site support
  • Remote desktop support

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