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Looking for a reliable IT consulting company to stay relieved of the unavoidable technical glitches and IT challenges adversely hampering your business productivity? As a reputed IT consulting services firm, we ensure that you completely focus on your business goals while we eliminate the IT barriers preventing you from growing your business.

Faster time to market, delightful customer experience and continuous evolution in the midst of uncertainties are the most pressing concerns of disruptive product companies. As an IT consulting company, we understand your challenges and work as a team to overcome them. We are Leading IT Outsourcing and IT SLA Service Provider in Qatar.

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Our IT Strategy & Consulting Services

BIS keep you relieved of all technical challenges. Being a reputed IT consulting company, we design our IT strategy and software consulting services in a manner to keep you relieved of the simple-to-complex technical challenges you experience in your daily workflows. We are dedicated to transforming your business with the help of brightest of innovation and applying the latest technologies for solving your IT concerns.

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Business Process Analysis

We review your business IT strategy, existing resources, technologies, and other key aspects for IT transformation.

  • Assess current business process
  • Assign maturity ratings of apps
  • Generate process analysis reports
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Security Consulting

Our proficient IT consultants perform a variety of techniques for identifying potential security threat areas and recommend effective remedial measures.

  • Wireless network analysis & assessment
  • Existing application security consulting
  • Project security analysis and consultings
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Audits & Assessments

The audit and assessment aligns regulatory compliance to reduce the add-ons that can easily drive up the development costs.

  • Pre-support audits and assessment
  • Infrastructure audits and assessment
  • Current system audits and assessment
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Technology Consulting

After requirement analysis, we suggest the best platform suited to build your technical solution to keep the solutions up-to-date.

  • Current application analysis and scaling
  • Help and develop technology goals
  • Suggest suitable platforms for development
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Forecasting App Longevity

We assist businesses throughout the Cybercrime management lifecycle and support the establishment of effective evidence gathering and interpretation mechanisms.

  • Investigation of Digital Frauds and Cyber Crimes
  • ‘Incident’ identification and response
  • Log analysis and interpretation
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Risk Management

Our risk management process has been drawn on a rich blend of monitoring process knowledge that could translate our assurance service reports into ‘business’ language that often results in shorter time to implement controls.

  • IT risks – assessment, management & controls
  • Information security risk management
  • Data loss prevention & security awareness

Cloud Computing

Our dedicated offshore developers are adept at all the modern technologies and provide you with fast.

IT Infrastructure Upgrade

With infrastructure virtualization & cloud migration, revitalize software & network to cut down on TCO.

Quality & Security

Our development experts provide you with custom-made strategies built around high quality & security.

IT strategy & Consulting process

Our IT strategy & consulting process is designed to digitally transform your business. As one of the top IT strategy consulting firms, we follow a process that ensures seamless communication and complete project transparency.

1. Start

For small businesses we take special care

  • Market research for small businesses.
  • Tech roadmapping to support decision-making.
  • Providing ad-hoc training to achieve the target.

2. Scale

We help businesses extend systems

  • Research on increased complexity of market.
  • Explore operational and financial capabilities.
  • Growth points to suggest extension scenarios.

3. Disrupt

We offer flexible engagement models

  • Flexible long-term & short term partnerships.
  • Proliferation by continuously upgradation.
  • Optimize infrastructure with emerging techs.

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